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Happy Earth Day 2023

We all share this amazing blue ball floating in space that we call Planet Earth and it important for us to care for her. Our very existence depends on it. At White Rock Granola, we have a commitment to the planet and constantly strive to be more and more eco-friendly.

To that end, we’ve recently moved into a new kitchen that is powered by renewable energy and have implemented several sustainable policies:

  • We recycle all cardboard shipping boxes
  • We compost much of our production waste such as used parchment paper
  • Most of our local deliveries are made with hybrid vehicles 
  • We take all of our plastic bags from ingredient packaging to a local grocery store who recycles them for us
  • We're also modifying our own packaging to all biodegradable that will be even more eco-friendly.

How can you help? Let us know what you’re doing around your own home to be more sustainable – and feel free to reach out if you have any ideas for us as well. We'd love to hear them! Please email us at info@whiterockgranola.com.

All the best,

Andrea Ridout, Managing Partner
White Rock Granola, LLC

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