About White Rock Granola


Granola with Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Are you granola fanatics like we are? Who doesn't love granola and its sweet, delicious flavor - whether served with fresh fruit in the morning, sprinkled on top of yogurt or straight out of the bag for a healthy, delicious snack? That's how we feel at White Rock Granola! We believe that "good for you" food can also taste amazing.

Our 7 incredible granola flavors are made from wholesome ingredients, packed with superfoods, and are low-gluten, low-salt, vegetarian or vegan – from fruit and nut infused Gorilla a Go Go to C4 Explosion with a real cayenne pepper kick, from crowd-favorite Orange Maple with Texas pecans and California almonds to Chocolate with almonds roasted with real French cocoa, oh là là!

Granola-topped Muffins

Though popular as a breakfast cereal, our customers tell us that they also enjoy White Rock Granola as a yummy snack, ice cream or yogurt topping, trail mix or lunchbox treat. Sprinkle Viva Las Vegan on a fresh spinach or kale salad along with your favorite fruit garnish for a healthy and delicious meal. Blend Peanut Butter Love into a smoothie or even add Oh Snap as a topping on muffins or fruit cobbler. We'd love to hear your ideas too!

Find White Rock Granola in your favorite grocery store, bodega, restaurant or corporate break room. If they don't carry it, why not ask the manager if they'd please put it in stock! You can also order your favorite flavors of White Rock Granola online and have them shipped right to your door.

Our History

My name is Andrea Ridout. I'm a former radio host and entrepreneur. A few years ago, I co-owned an unusual, eco-friendly hardware store, Rooster Home & Hardware, in Dallas, Texas. My team and I loved to offer local products to our customers.

Renee Latour

One of our favorites was White Rock Granola, made by Renee Latour who had started baking granola out of her former bed and breakfast. Renee's granola was so tasty that we would often snack on it straight out of the bag and we usually kept some hidden under the front counter for when we got the munchies. After a long day of helping hardware customers, White Rock Granola was a great pick-me-up, full of healthy and delicious energy.

Fast forward a couple of years; I had sold my hardware store and begun to look for new opportunities. One day in early 2020, I was at the farmer's market buying some of my beloved granola and my old friend, Renee, told me that she was ready to retire. A light bulb went off and I knew that it was destiny. Soon, my youngest son and I began to work with Renee and her husband, Mark, learning the granola business – and we bought White Rock Granola later that year.

Andrea Ridout and Friends

I am so excited to continue Renee's tradition of granola excellence and have surrounded myself with amazing bakers; true artisans who continue to push the granola envelope. We are constantly refining the flavors and packaging, aiming for an even healthier product while also trying to be as sustainable as possible in our manufacturing techniques and practices. We are especially proud of our new eco-friendly biodegradable packaging that is coming soon.

So please let us know what you think of White Rock Granola. We would truly love your input, ideas and suggestions! You can email me directly at info@whiterockgranola.com. - Andrea Ridout :)