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Rollertown Beerworks Brews Up Sweet Heat Fueled by White Rock Granola

Texas-Based companies partner to fire up a limited-time flavor sensation!

When is White Rock Granola not granola? When it’s an explosive cold, bold brew by Rollertown Beerworks, in celebration of their 3rd Anniversary. For a limited run, the popular Celina, Texas-based microbrewery is packing a punch with their latest taste sensation called Fat Boi Sour. The beer’s unique flavor profile is fueled by C4 Explosion Granola, White Rock Granola’s award-winning flavor sensation. The beer also incorporates blueberries and milk sugar.

“Beer lovers may not think of granola when they throw back with a cold one, but C4 Explosion is serving up a stout taste with its kick of Texas sweet heat in Rollertown’s latest thirst-quenching sensation,” said Andrea Ridout, owner of the White Rock Granola, based out of Dallas, Texas. C4 Explosion is loaded with cinnamon, cashews, cranberries and a touch of cayenne pepper to give it a unique Texas kick.

Rollertown Beerworks was opened by Ben Rogers & Skin Wade of the Ben & Skin Radio Show with their partners, including their Head Brewer, Tommy Miller. The brewers are known for rolling out beers as unique as their outlook and their community-centric taproom where everyone is welcome – including family and furry friends.

Talk about putting your money where your dream is. “We love partners like Rollertown because like White Rock Granola, we both aren’t just in business, we are in the business of creating something that adds flavor to our customers’ lives,” Ridout said.

Rollertown lives up to that and the mantras they share with every fresh recipe. “We believe that with imagination and hard work anything is possible.” And, it had to take some real imagination to taste an awesome granola and decide to blend it into your next draft.

“It’s so cool to have our granola inspire and fuel one of our favorite local microbreweries,” said Ridout. “And we’re really proud to partner with a fellow Texas-based business to create something that’s new, creative and that our community is going really drink up and enjoy, especially in the Texas heat.”

For anyone looking for pairing ideas to go with a cool, crisp Fat Boi Sour, Ridout jokes that nothing goes better with an explosive new brew than White Rock Granola’s C4 Explosion – first place winner of the International Flavor Awards for Best Snack.* One drink or bite and you'll know why.

Fat Boi Sour will be available at Rollertown Beerworks in early July of 2023. If you miss out, just ask the Rollertown staff when they're going to brew another batch! Wednesday through Sunday, head over to the taproom at 412 N Oklahoma Drive #106 in Celina, TX 75009. To load up on C4 Explosion granola or one of the many other popular flavors to pair with your beer, visit local stores or order direct at WhiteRockGranola.com.

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