Tiny Changes Make a HUGE Difference!


Here at White Rock Granola, we've made a commitment to lessen our impact on Planet Earth. Sometimes, the smallest thing that we do each day can make a big environmental difference.

For many years, White Rock Granola has been using glossy twist ties on our 10 oz. bags of granola. Lately, we've realized that those shiny, colorful twisties take many years to biodegrade and can even cause a problem for wild birds as they look like a shimmering treat. We sure don't want a mama bird to try to feed her babies a shiny twist tie that might look like a worm to her. That's not good!

From now on, the shiny ties are out! We've switched to biodegradable twisties on all of our products – made from simple paper that will quickly dissolve when exposed to the elements with an inner steel core that will soon rust and become iron oxide.

How can you help? You can re-use our colorful paper twisties as garden ties, food preservation or even in your arts and crafts. We'd love to hear your ideas! Please email us at info@whiterockgranola.com.

All the best,

Andrea Ridout, Managing Partner
White Rock Granola, LLC

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