Going Green for Granola - Earth Day!

When I took over White Rock Granola in the fall of 2020, I was so honored to continue the legacy that founder, Renee Latour, had started back when she baked her first batch of yummy granola many years ago. Renee had a commitment to using only the freshest, wholesome ingredients and creating the most wonderful flavors of granola that I have ever tasted.

During the months that I was learning the business under Renee's watchful eyes, we had many conversations about how to "go green" (which is one of my passions) with both our baking practices and packaging – and I am excited to announce some of these changes, just in time for Earth Day, April 22. Here are just a few:

  • We have switched to all biodegradable twist ties on our 10 oz. bags (see blog post about it).
  • We are now baking all granola on chemical-free, compostable parchment paper.
  • We have converted to hybrid vehicles for most local deliveries.
  • When possible, all waste from our baking operation is either being composted or recycled.
  • All packing materials in our shipments are now compostable or recyclable.
  • We have introduced 2 vegan flavors and plan to add more soon.

We are also making a commitment to change all of our product packaging to compostable or recyclable materials. Our first foray into "green" packaging is our new 8 oz. clamshell made from compostable PLA which is comprised of amazing, clear plant-based material (mostly corn starch). Even though it looks like conventional plastic, within a few months it will break down to become part of the earth again! How exciting is that?!?

Compostable Granola Package

This PLA package will be used for our new "Chunkier Granola" which has been a frequent customer request. It's now available on select store shelves and on our website.

Please let us know how you're "going green" for Earth Day and how you are making White Rock Granola a part of your healthy lifestyle. We love hearing from you! And watch for more "green" changes from White Rock Granola too!

All the best,

Andrea Ridout, Managing Partner
White Rock Granola, LLC

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